Harry Dehal


Film. 54 minutes. 2008.

At the age of seventeen, I directed an independent feature-length film called Oceania. With the help of friends and family, we filmed in the San Francisco Bay Area on a budget of $4,000. I learned about cinematography and editing over many long nights and weekends. We used a volunteer cast and crew and donated equipment. The film finally hit the big screen at the 2008 Cinequest Film Festival, closing with a sold-out audience and now over 30,000+ downloads.

  • Cinequest Film Festival (San Jose, USA) (2008)
  • OpenSource-OpenAir Kinofestival (Hamburg, Germany) (2008)
  • Fria Filmfestivalen (Gothenburg, Sweden) (2009)
  • Creative Commons Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain) (2010)
  • Festival Azure (Azores, Portugal) (2010)
  • Festival Cine B (Santiago, Chile) (2010)
  • Festival de Cine Global (Argentina) (2011)

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